2020 Photon Studio Inc.



Photon studio is a multi-medium digital media company. We like to cross-train and stay sharp! 

We operate in the multi-functional studio that is designed to shift and transform, to aid and accommodate creative and productive endeavours. 

The space is equipped with abundant track lighting, built-in bluetooth compatible studio monitors, a 3000 lumen projector (connected through HDMI), and ample natural light contrasted with heavy velour blackout curtains. Usually set-up for a photography shoot, the furniture can also be moved around, and additional folding chairs and tables can be added to host your class, seminar, lecture, or group activity. The studio comes furnished (see gallery) but you can request to have a piece of furniture or two removed, or have the space completely empty.

Located directly on Main St, the space is available 24/7 to all who would like to use the space, whether it be an art show, photo studio, small film studio, lecture, dance class, yoga class, and almost anything else you could imagine and create in the space.


This space is ~600sqft with ~9'6" ceilings. Seating capacity is 25+.

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